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January 2011
Still working on the Lifes Halt/WHN? tour documentary, deadline is April 2011.


May 2010
Conquest For Death will be playing with a special guest on drums at Gilman on May 12.
Or rather, WHN? will be playing with an extra guitar player, and no WHN? songs.


October 2008
Robert, Craig and Devon's band CONQUEST FOR DEATH is touring the South Pacific:


November 2007
If you have any WHN? videos let me know.
We are trying to compile footage for a future release.

March 2007
New WHN? song!
Check the records page for the new comp featuring us as well as the pre-Neurosis band Violent Coercion, Sacrelige BC, Conquest For Death, and Abagail.

August 2006
CONQUEST FOR DEATH (Robert, Devon and I playing with our thrash amigos Alex and Kiku) are touring California with Japan's CHARM and UG-MEN August 21-26. Check HERE for mp3s.

Monday, 08/21/2006 09:00 PM - Hemlock Tavern
1131 Polk St, San Francisco, CA 94109 -
+21 and over

Tuesday, 08/22/2006 07:00 PM - Macla
510 S. First Street, San Jose, CA 95101 -

Wednesday, 08/23/2006 08:00 PM - Youth Justice Coalition Center
253 W. Martin Luther King Blvd., South Central, LA, CA 90037

Thursday, 08/24/2006 06:00 PM - The Jumping Turtle
1660 Capalina Rd., San Marcos, CA 92069 -
UG MAN (JAPAN) 930-1000 CHARM (JAPAN) 900-930 CONQUEST FOR DEATH (BAY AREA) 830-900 EVIL ARMY (MEMPHIS) 750-820 LIFE CRISIS (SAN DIEGO) 720-750 CONFLICT RESOLUTION (PHOENIX) 650-720 CHRISTIAN CLUB 620-650 CHAOTIC MESS 600-620 All ages venue with bar. Early show, starts at 6pm ends at 10pm.

Friday, 08/25/2006 10:00 PM - Long Beach Warehouse
1326 W 15th Street , Long Beach, CA 90813 -

Saturday, 08/26/2006 08:00 PM - Gilman
924 Gilman Street, Berkeley, CA 94701 -
Look Back and Laugh, UG Man, Charm, Conquest for Death, Lewd Acts (SD) and Pressure (LA).

June, 2006
Robert, Devon and I have a new band with Kiku (Charm, ex-ASSFORT) and Alex Yeung (Say Bok Gwai/Morbid Life Society). It's called CONQUEST FOR DEATH and we're touring in August with Charm and UG Men. Damn straight!!

February, 2006
Posted 2 new videos to the MEDIA page - Museifu Shugi Banzai from 2001 featuring some stellar guitar/bass choreography and a cover of Stand Still from 2000 which ends more or less a cappella.

October, 2005
* Devon can be seen running around Highland Hospital in a Hazmat suit and WHN hoodie on an upcoming episode of "Sekai Gyoten News! (The World's Astonishing News!)" on NTV (Nippon Television Network, channel 4) in Japan on November 2. The program airs from 9PM to 10PM on Wednesday.
* Hardcore Trivia - The band Max Ward does not feature Max Ward.

* New videos compliments of Estela, beat crusher from Brasil's INFECT.

September, 2005
What Happens Next? - It don't get any more hardcore than us. DIG IT.
Also added some more to my Suggested Listening List.

April, 2005
* Robert's band, High On Crime, have their LP out now. GET IT NOW, it is SO HEAVY.
* You'll be pleased to know that we are, like, totally on MySpace. We put some killer unreleased tracks up there so feel free to Be Our Friend.
* I also added my Suggested Listening List to my profile (click on my picture above).

January, 2005:
* New Disorder has a few FIRST YEAR CDs left. Visit them if you want one.
* We have a few AYCE shirts left with Milk and Cheese on it. All proceeds go to Karoline. Email me if you want one.
* Speaking of shirts - Bad Skulls is making WHN? shirts - Go here for WHN? shirts.
* ONLY SLIGHTLY WHN?-RELATED: My sissy band Love Songs is touring Scandinavia in May. If you have any pointers/contacts please let me know. Thanks.

December, 2004:
I just saw a band play on the floor in between bands the other night at Gilman St. It had some guys from LOOK BACK AND LAUGH, Mike Thorn and - surprise surprise - Devon. Ho crap were they powerful! 3 guitars and Devon should give you some hint. They played less than 10 minutes and Devon ended up with a bloody lip, a cut-up hand, and 2 broken mics/cables. Good Stuff! He says they're called WAR ALL THE TIME. (UPDATE!! Just found a website for WAR ALL THE TIME )
In other Devon news, he and I's way-back-when band ALL YOU CAN EAT will be playing in January for Karoline (you know, Robert's wife, the lady responsible for Robert being in WHN?). It's her birthday and she and Robert are coming out to SF to celebrate. She'll be seeing her 98 and 99th AYCE show, poor lassie... January 21 at Gilman St with Challenger, Gift of Goats, Sharp Knife, and the Abi Yoyos and then January 24 at the Hemlock in SF.

My book is now available in Europe! If you're interested contact Steffan from the sweet-ass band Destroyér.

We are NOT playing ChiFest 2005. Truth be told, when I found out we were on the bill I did offer to play a WHN? solo acoustic set but I decided against it when I did the math - my health insurance wouldn't cover the damage that would inevitably befall my body if I tried that in front of a ChiFest audience.

The Who Cares? Files, September, 2004:
Robert is taking HERO DISHONEST (Finland) and Iron Lung around the States this month - this is a 100% WHN?-endorsed show. DO NOT MISS!
Max just moved to New York and seems to be adjusting to school life nicely, no doubt due to his schooling alongside the Olsen twins.
Devon is in France, la qia de la chance sac de mierde!
I (Craigums) am recording buttloads of bands in my new house so if you need a recording spot look me up! In fact, Harry Balzogna and the Teenie Weenies are in my house at this very minute recording an LP. My neighbors will be stoked...

General band update, March, 2004:
Max just got back from Japan where he spent his time studying Japanese and Japanese history, and playing drums for a Tokyo band. "7 shows and a recording, plus practicing 2x a week....a little too hectic for me," says Max. Like I said elsewhere, Max is the laziest man I know.
Devon is hosting Devcom1 this weekend. Non-geeks need not apply.
Robert and his band ARTIMUS PYLE will be touring in May.
Craig and his band LOVE SONGS will also be touring in May.
An interview from Germany was posted here.
Your face.

General band update, January, 2004:
Robert and Karoline are doing well (and warm) in Milwaukee in their new house (which costs less than any of our rent).
Max just moved to Japan for a little while to study - see for extended details.
Devon and Craig's side band - Colbom - just put out a record.
Craig just published a book - check it out.

Here is a link to the F.U.N. page Nick made. F.U.N., by the way, stands for Fuck Up Nick. Nick is the singer and is also known for being the LIFES HALT roadie. Felix (LIFES HALT) plays guitar, Max plays bass and I play drums.

This guy came up with pretty accurate guitar tabs. I even had to use some myself...

Maximum Rock and Roll's radio is HERE!

Se voces tem algum video do whn? ME AVISEM. Obrigado!
If you have any WHN? videos LEMME KNOW, thanks.
Si tu tienes videos de WHN? diga me! Gracias.

Added an FAQ page for the regular questions we get here.

With all the yeah-or-neigh hoopla regarding colored vinyl, all I gotta say is colored vinyl sounds like crap.