Devon circa 1985
I'm also in All You Can Eat.
I also used to look like a fruitcake.
I still look like a fruitcake.
Devon circa 1985


The following is from my Devon Sleeps series
These are collected from various travels around the world -
a world that is not so big and bad that Devon can't find a place to sleep in it.
It should also be noted that Devon does not drink or do drugs
so none of these situations can be attributed to a mere chemically-enhanced passing out.

Japan, 1993. On top of our luggage, underneath our merchandise.

On a bus in the Philippines, 1995.
The irony of this day was that the bus showed the movie Speed while only moving
200 yards during the duration of the film. Manila traffic sucks.

Both of these are in South America in 1995. Both show Devon's liking for windows.

This is how we found Devon at showtime.
"Devon...wake up....time to rock the kids...c'mon little buckaroo..."
Nude Zealand, 1994.

This may look like a simple line of sleeping baggers but
when you look closely at the actual position in which Devon is bent (on the right)
you see that even in his sleep he is able to do fantastical contortions.
Austin, 2001.

I have a bad habit of messing with sleeping people on public transport and Devon's always embarrassed by it.
Even asleep he is turning away from me - and right into the unwashed crouch of Myron.
(I must have been a very good boy to have received all those kid's Super Flyer stickers.)
Somewhere over the Pacific, 1995.

On the hardwood floor of a dirty squat while brasillian punk rockers ran naked
around the pool in the backyard and throwing coconuts at each other. Brasil, 2002.

Bolivian buses sometimes offer a pole to lean your head on, leaving countless diseases in your hair.

On a lil' tug boat in Lake Titicaca (hee hee).

Perhaps the most harrowing of all of Devon's positions - under my armpit. Australia, 1995.

This may seem innocent and comfortable enough until you realize that
Devon is sleeping (akwardly) below Max (in tier 2) who is located in the Loft Chub seat,
where whoever is lying there inexplicable gets a stiffy regardless of testosterone count, virility or gender.
Pennsylvania, 2001.

This appears to be Devon's favorite position. The upright-with-the-head-at-90-degrees position.
Some people think devon eats a lot because, well, he can sometimes be described as 'chubby .
' But the truth is that he almost always chooses sleep over food (note the untouched food tray in front of him). (That's Max in the foeground.)
Somewhere over the Atlantic, 2003.

This whole nook of The Van became Devon's. His sleeping is only part of the reason his stocky legs are up.
The other reason is because there is never room for feet where Devon sets up camp (see the picture of his room above).

Nothing too unusual about this one except that his nipple is exposed and he is touching his genitals.
If all my dreams took such an erotic turn I'd probably sleep 16 hours a day too!

Somewhere inthis picture is Devon, half under a table and wrapped around the leg of a couch.
Ferry boat between France and Britain, 2003.

A funny thing about Devon is that he seems to always be in some sort of pain.
He often creaks and groans throughout the day and I am beginning to wonder
if it might have something to do with some of these positions...

This is my new favorite. I used to always sleep like this until one time at summer camp
somebody made fun of me for humping my pillow while I slept.

I will keep updating this as more pictures surface.
If you have any please send them to me!