Here are some notes from The LIFES HALT / WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?
Start Something U.S. Summer Tour 2001. The big pictures are vidcaps from Carl's documentary that may or may not come out in our lifetime.

To start, lemme introduce the dudes:

Ernie – singer, punker, latino heat.

Felix – bass player with big-ass mexi-fro and total lack of ‘game.’

Chuck – guitar player with enough ‘game’ for him and Felix and probably the rest of the band. Aol screename: hot_cali_stud_4_u

Jon – guitar player with Simpsons obsession, Tenacious D fixation, and penchant for whining.

Noel – drummer and most likely to be made fun of by bandmates. But be careful, he gives out just as good as he gets. Considers old people ‘dumb.’

Fifth wheels:

Nick – on tour as the ‘roadie’ but is more likely to be found making fun of Noel and Jon, or ‘fucking up’ Noel and Jon. All around good guy. Singer for Max and Felix and I’s band FxUxNx (which stands for Fuck Up Nick.)

Carl "Hard" Cordova – videographer. Carl conducted WHN?’s first interview in his zine Jesus Come Back which also featured an interview with LIFES HALT. LIFES HALT assumed we knew him well enough to allow him on the trip while we thought HALT knew him good enough to trust him. Turns out nobody really knew him very well. However, after only a couple hours Carl proves he is not only fun and amiable, but also willing to take many blows to the ego for our entertainment. Mike Thorne gave him his nickname – "Hard" Cordova – after Carl tried to give himself one and we all know you can’t give yourself your own punk name.


Robert – bass, beard, driving, married.

Max – drums and little else. This is the laziest guy I know.

Devon – hardcore singer and contortionist by night, feeble-bodied scab-picker by day.

Craigums – that’s me and everything you are about to read is made up.



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