May 16 – Another day in paradise

Woke up at 9 to catch the buffet. Went for a four-hour hike around the area that had us dare-devilling cliffsides, rock-climbing, and braving barbed-wire. Back in time for lunch. Ate. Napped. Swam. Waited for Karin’s boyfriend, Allister, and his party to show up (they should have been here two days ago). Wandered around town learning Spanish. Found Allister and group drinking heavily on their room’s balcony. They regaled us with the tales of adventure expected from a two-week-long mountain bike excursion through Bolivia. Not only had they dodged numerous attempts on their lives by campesinos, but also endured food poisoning and numerous hangovers, cruised through the Amazon jungle and boated down the Zongo river. The reason they were late was because their shadow vehicle had taken out a power line, blacking out out all of Coroico for half a day. There they worked for two days with the locals helping fix the power and restore the road so the two-day traffic jam could finally flow through.

We all went out to eat. They all drank. Then we all slept.

WHN? in Sudamerica - May 2002

Day 0 – Please wake me for meals.
/ Day 1 – Eu como minha propia merda.

Day 2 – Headbangs, Cumstains, and Clogged Shower Drains (aka Devon’s 33nd Birthday)

Day 3 – Banana Pizza – Don’t Knock It ‘Til You’ve Tried It

Day 4 – "Fuck My Ass!" the group of girls in the front row kept chanting.

Day 5 – Doesn’t anybody speak English around here?

Day 9 – I am Yellowman.

Day 10 – I am apparently also an idiot.

Day 11 – A gas station with a bar...Why didn’t I think of that?!

Day 12 – What doesn’t kill you, usually still hurts a lot. (aka Mother’s Day)
/ Day 13 – Touring isn’t so much a question of "Where is my next meal coming from?" as much as "Where/when am I gonna be able to take my next dump?"
Non-band travel

May 14 – Random Acts of Meat.

May 15 – The World’s Most Dangerous Road

May 16 – Another day in paradise

May 17 – They’ve had the same government since we got here!

May 18 – Why are my teeth turning green?

May 19 – Hey dad, I’m in jail!

May 20 – Never Let The Truth Get In The Way Of A Good Story.

May 21 – The sun and the moon, all in one afternoon.

May 22 – The Royal Frankenstein

May 23 – Metal? You call this metal?!?

May 24 – Machu Picchu or Bust (your travel agent over the head).

May 25 – There she is! What do I do?! What do I do?! Nothing, as usual.

May 26 – Maybe I was supposed to be naked.

May 27
– Be aware or be prepared

May 28
– Fried Food Day


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