WHN? Tour Journals
(as excerpted from Craigums' diaries)
Send pics / videos if you got them and I will post them.

* Europe 2003. Longest tour, longest journal. Good pics. Go here.

* Brasil / Peru / Bolivia 2002. Go Here or check out the November and December issues of MRR (#234 and 235).

* U.S. 2001 w/ LIFES HALT. For the written story (with pictures, of course) Go Here.
... Carl cut a trailer for the tour documentary. It's short but still indicative of the trip (but without the nudity). Go Here to see it.

* Japan 2000. Pretty short, lots of pictures, lots of complaining. The usual. Go Here.

* For more of my rock-related travel logs from not-so-typically rock-related places like Hawaii, Israel, and Antartica Go Here.