After he did Robert's mohawk the RAID bass player and a couple lady friends spent an hour erecting his foot tall mohawk.

Instead of wearing any of the 15,000 punk band shirts I have accumulated over the years I decided I would try to start a new trend. Since the Japanese are so quick to pick up on new styles I wanted to see if by leading through example I could get punkers to wear Hawaiian shirts. Little did I know that this fad had already hit the Japanese punk scene a while back, and oddly enough it was thanks to LxIxEx.

Kyo spiked my hair with a couple cans of high-powered ozone-buster but having spiky hair in Japan is about as practical as a breakdancing teacher in an old folks home.

I couldn't stand straight up in most indoor settings. I had to turn sideways to get through any doorways. I couldn't stand next to anybody so I ended up standing in the corner hunched over and doing my best not to poke anybody's eyes out. Within a couple hours I just cut them off. This is my 'boo concocting new uses for them.

Seven years ago Junia had ALL YOU CAN EAT sign his car (Myron wrote "I hope this is yours")
A year later he got AYCE tattooed across his chest in Old English.
One might find this behavior suspect but he is as nice and genuine and good to have around as a person can be.

Prior to tonightís show I found myself having really badly to make poopy. My body was so stiff and achey I couldnít imagine having the strength to squat over an Eastern-style toilet. I walked into town hoping to "return some McNuggets" (my term for pooping in a McDonalds toilet). I saw a sign at the end of the street with the McDís arch and an arrow. I followed the arrow for an hour and a half before my legs gave way and I had to lay down on the side of the road by a fallen phone pole. I did some light vomiting and tried my best to keep the bodily-waste-expunging to one end of my body. I started to head back but my legs gave pause and I realized I wasnít gonna make it unless I either pooped or got some sort of nourishment. I walked into a small mall and bought a grape juice out of a vending machine. The sugar was just what I needed to get me going and on the way out I saw the McDís tucked into the corner of the mall. I hobbled my way to the bathroom and found it was an Eastern-style toilet. I used it anyway, drawing the strength from my newfound sugar boost. I got back to the club just in time to see Robert getting his mohawk done up in the bathroom. Incidentally the club toilets were Western-style.

I was tired of coughing and weezing and I thought maybe if I contracted hepatitis it could edge out the negative effects of my bronchitis.


Devon is easily amused by toy laser guns and our Tokyo hosts are just plain easily amused. Listen. By the way, our hosts were Kyo (from BETTER THAN YOUR HAND) and her sister who were so sweet they MADE me sleep in their bed while they slept on the floor until I recovered.

Today was Karoline and Robertís 3rd anniversary so I bought them flowers which I later learned were funeral flowers.

The empty space around Robert pretty well sums up the Japanese' response to a 6ft white guy with a mohawk and foot-long beard.

My sickness has gotten to the point that Iíll have occasional episodes where I canít breath. It starts with a coughing attack and ends with my throat completely closing up. The first time it happened I was waking through a park and I found myself reaching for something to hold on to as I started to lose my sense of sight and balance. It was scary but after a day of it I started to get used to it. Last night I couldnít sleep because of the coughing so I stayed up watching some Japanese music video channel. A Bjork video came on and the first half of the video centered around building a robotic Bjork. I thought itíd be funny if the video suddenly turned into a lesbian make-out session since so far the video had neither a human nor a romantic plot. And it'd be pretty absurd and random to combine lesbians and robots. Then all of a sudden they made a second Bjork robot and the two started making out and masturbating each other. How cool is that?

Watched a show tonight where contestants scrutinized a panel of guests and had to guess if they were male or female, and 12 or 20 years old. Out of 24 guesses we got two correct.

Finally wittling down our merch luggage. Heh, look at Devon in full recon gear and Robert looking mean enough to pee in your mouth while you sleep.

Our song, Saishogu Shugi Sha is a song about being vegetarian/vegan. Literally translated from Japanese it says "I am eat vegetable." Many people came up to us asking if we only ate vegetables while many others came up to us saying, "I am vegetable too!" probably meaning they were vegetarians.

The last hours before Devon and I flew home.



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