One must never challenge Devon unless one is ready for the fury of the Roly-Poly Toy Peddler.

"You lookin' at me?!"






But then Max can put up a pretty good fight too...






...especially if you negligent of his strict RMD (Razors Must Die) creed.

Our first full day in Japan was spent in the Haight-esque Harajuku neighborhood. As one might have guessed we were shopping. Most of the time was spent in the 5-story Kiddie Land toy store where the bottom floor was terrorized by a dragonfly the size of notebook paper.

Soundchecks are mandatory and in the middle of the afternoon. This kinda kills the curious travelerís spirit but hey, we generally end up sounding pretty good which is novel. I donít know that it mattered the night of our first show though because we sold almost $1000 in shirts and only one CD. So even if we sounded good we didnít play good enough for people to want to take our music home.

Robert dove headfirst into the newest Japanese fashion of the Kugeru Girl. Standard Kugeru Girls paint their face with shoepolish or sleep in front of tanning bulbs, bleach their hair to oblivion, and if they're well-to-do they'll get plastic surgery to make their eyes look Western. It's all perfectly natural and, as you can tell, very sexy.


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