1. WHN II: Positive Youth (It's Not Just for Kids Anymore)
2. A Necklace of Blackened Ears
3. Through a Child's Eyes
4. Weak Dogs Bark More
5. When Hijras Need Mock no More
6. Opening Shift
7. Stereotypical Male Fantasies: Marketed by Men, Enacted by Women
8. The Price We Pay for Vegan Convenience
9. A Path Without Pattern
10. When Cities Turn to Cemeteries
11. Bread for War: Fresh Sand for the Coliseum
12. Mano a Mono


WHN II : Positive Youth (Itís Not Just For Kids Anymore)

(Time passes. New faces come, old faces often feel obligated to "give up" or "grow up." Despite itís ups and downs, the hardcore / punk scene continues to fuel me with more positive than negative energy. Being involved in it makes me feel like itís perpetually summer time and I'm still 17. I wouldn't trade this feeling for the world. Though not written for or about him, this song is dedicated to the memory of Jas Toomer for staying young, staying positive and staying active until the very end. If we had a couple thousand Jas Toomers in the scenes of the world we'd never have to worry about burnout anymore. But Jas was one of a kind and will be missed by all that knew him).
I hear your criticisms
the sceneís not what it used to be
but how soon you forget
that the sceneís just what you make of it
youíre never too old
this is a lifestyle not a career
we will create
as much as we destroy
so fuck their defeatist air
bitter words and vacant stares

burnt out, fed up

stabbed in the back

like the chorus to

a thousand straight edge anthems

Whoís to blame

for your stage right exit

the scene doesnít need to be a tragedy

it just needs some new

some new fucking casting

Positive Youth (Itís Not Just For Kids Anymore)

Positive Youth (Itís Not Just For Kids Anymore)

Positive Youth! Positive Youth! Youth!

together - young and old

rejecting all that weíve been told

respect the elders - respect the youth

together we may find new truths



A Necklace of Blackened Ears

(This song is in reference to combatants who during times of conflict dismember the bodies of those they've slain and adorn themselves with the body parts as if they were trophies. It is about the ever-changing balance of power and assuming responsibility or your actions, as the roles of hunter and prey can so easily be reversed.)

A sick sense of pride

A perverse pleasure in blood shed

like a ghoul you claim ornaments from corpses

reveling at the sight of your carnal trophies

but the words "I'm sorry"

can never take back

the atrocities committed

or erase the nightmares

your sense of power

deflated upon capture

now you're the one who's tortured

the tables are turned - now you taste the fear

A necklace of Blackened Ears

ritual adornment of intimidation

A necklace of Blackened Ears

ritual adornment of intimidation

it's a game

a cruel thrill sport

but the rules are few

and far between

sometimes the penalties

hurt so much

you wish you could just lose

but the other team won't let you



Through a Child's Eyes

(Unfortunately this song is based on the tragic lives of others I've encountered. Worse is that a child forced into "the real world" sometimes will never even know they've been denied their childhood, as it's difficult to miss or be nostalgic for something you've never experienced.)

Through a child's eyes

can one yet realize

that their innocence of youth

has been denied

that one's father

is a thief and liar

and one's mother

is an addict

that shares herself

with strangers

while one's told to

"turn your head and watch TV"

seated on a filthy shag carpet

littered with

cigarette butts

and dirty points

the sympathetic cannot disguise

the sorrow felt

and will shed tears

that the child may never them self

as they are thrust headfirst

into the harsh reality of life

Through a child's eyes

can one yet realize

that their innocence of youth

has been denied

the sympathetic cannot disguise

the sorrow felt

and will shed tears

that the child may not them self



Weak Dogs Bark More

(It was an unsettling day. An angry man threw trash into a newborn child's stroller while glaring defiantly at the parents. Later across the city another large angry man paced along side his diminutive "girlfriend (?!)" as he pointed to her and shouted at the top of his lungs for over a block, "This woman's a whore! She sleeps with many men!" What pitiful and disturbing behavior. I can't imagine how behaving in that manner could make these men feel better about themselves or their situations (whatever they may be). Discussing these incidences over lunch, a friend from Japan said that this behavior in Japan is typically referred to as "Weak Dogs Bark More.")

You assert your dominance

to disguise your insecurities

the louder you yell

the more transparent it gets

Weak Dogs Bark More

Weak Dogs Bark More

Transfer the blame

issue the pain

prey on the defenseless

to prove youíre offensive






You assert your dominance

to disguise your insecurities

the louder you yell

the more transparent it gets







When Hijrasís Need Mock No More

(When the Spanish and Anglo-American explorers / conquerors / settlers encountered the Native American "berdache" (South Western tribe members who chose to assume the dress, manner and role of the opposite sex) they were perceived as monsters, freaks of nature, demons, deviants, perverts, sinners...") An attitude that many people today continue to hold towards transgenders, cross dressers and gays, as well as goths, punks, metal heads, radical activists, artists and film makers among many others. In our songs "The Tribe I Claim," "Apathy our Destiny?" and "To Define not Divide" we have already touched upon our belief of acceptance and solidarity with other underground communities and in being true to your spirit and living life on your own terms. The word Hijra in the title of this song refers to transsexuals and eunuchs in India who crash weddings and baby showers to heckle and sing vulgar songs to the guests until they are paid to leave. It is this same "punk rock" spirit that fills so many of us. An unrepentant "this is who I am, accept it." Mainstream society may never accept this spirit but those who have it can recognize it within each other. When it comes right down to it, I would rather surround myself with "freaks" than a bunch of boring, close minded, yuppies, preppies, jocks, squares and dot.commers that are following a blueprint for life rather then their own dreams.)

When it comes to sex/gender category

there are more than just two

as there are also the people of transformation

the kwolu-aatmwol

as liberated as many think they are

they canít see past gender duality

sexual dimorphism

and dichotomized rules

a cookie cutter mindset

recognizes roles for tradition

those not part of the bi-partisan alliance

viewed as an offense to reason

well I never have been one

for rules and roles

Iím about living life in the manner that comes most naturally

acceptance of those who fall somewhere in between

the shallow see it

as a hollow abyss

I see it as a celebration

of freedom, individuality and diversity

so this one's for the third sex

the transgender, hermaphrodites

katoys, eunuchs,

sworn virgins and berdache

tolerance and acceptance

for the underground communities

a unified resistance

against stuffy square society

I think itís well past time

we crash their stupid party

for liberation will never be achieved

until the hijras need mock no more



Opening Shift

The comfort of a warm bed

the sorrow of cold hands

an angelic face that snores

like a lumber jack

the discomfort of awaking

to my drool-drenched pillow

I depart our sanctuary

while it is still dark out

but I have a beacon

to guide me home

the light between

two trees




Stereotypical Male Fantasies: Marketed by Men, Enacted By Women

(This song should not be misinterpreted to be an anti-pornography song. I am very supportive of sex industry workers and several of my friends do or have worked in porn. However, though there are creative individuals and companies out their making their mark and doing something different, for the most part I see the majority of the porn industry as a more blatant reflection of the patriarchal, consumerist society we already exist in. Often the topic matter projected seems to be demonstrating more an exercise in power over another then of mutual pleasure (note; this is not in reference to BD/SM-themed films.) Additionally it seems that adolescent experimentation with sex often begins with exposure to porn, (i.e. curious, horny boys reading musty porn mags, stolen from their neighbors garages, in some tree fort, attic and basement far from parental eyes), and over time may result in subtle conditioning towards ideas of sexual behavior and attitude. Modeling sexual behavior after acts portrayed by models, desire to perform acts created primarily for the camera, and creating an unrealistic ideal and standard for sexual partners.)


Consumerism at it basest

where the female form is the product

so easily forgotten if her body ages poorly

as an unlimited legion

of "beautiful" girls

will rally to fill her place

while the males get older

their deviance stronger, libido intact

demonstrating subtle and blatant

exercises in power and subjugation

verbal and physical

which changing the camera angle

and focus cannot disguise

should we be upset at

this exploitation in the workplace

this realm steeped in the patriarchy

or view it as a mere reflection

more transparent of our own society

itís not selling love

itís marketing "fantasy"

but thereís little erotic

or stimulating

about formulaic

and conditioned

sexual behavior



The Price We Pay For Vegan Convenience

(I find no righteousness in being vegan, I just find it feels right to me. I make no claims that the world would be perfect if everyone just went vegan. I don't judge people poorly that aren't vegan. Instead I look at myself and the hypocrisy of my beliefs and challenge myself to find new ways to live my life true to myself and free of contradiction. And hopefully in the process, do my best to not further damage this world we live on, or myself.)

Our restaurants of choice

often owned by cults

whose rhetoric may not oppress animals

but may oppress the minds of humans

the film we use

to document our endeavors

is produced from gelatin

from the animals we try to save

the records we prize

derived from petroleum which wars

are waged for and the earth is raped

and indigenous peoples land stolen

the food we eat

produced by the multinationals

who produce the same toxins

and pesticides we rally against

corn and soy markets cornered

TVP and boxed soymilk marketed

at a price few can afford

health becomes a luxury

I would like to think

our actions are fueled

by consciousness

not righteousness

trying to recognize

the problems

and rectify


trying to create change

rearrange the stakes

instead of participating

in a losing game



A Path Without Pattern

(It is my steadfast belief that regardless of political ideology, religious belief system, race, sexuality, creed, etc, it is the caliber of the person that is most important. Just because someone is straightedge and vegan doesn't mean I will automatically share some type of bonding affinity with them. Anyone can be an asshole, just as anyone can have a heart of gold. This song is about trying to better yourself and surround yourself with people who do likewise. Live your life by your own rules, don't follow in the footsteps and guidelines of others, blaze your own path. It's a negative world, surround yourself with the positive.)

Utopian aspirations

totalitarian results

statements made in blood

which contradict the message

but like Scaramouche

I was born with the gift of laughter

and a sense that the world is mad

so Iíll blaze my own path without pattern

in any direction I chose

neither leading nor following

I alone my own authority

to experience true love

and friendship

and not live life

as a snake-handler

as I have no faith to test

my beliefs are just that, mine

Utopian aspirations

totalitarian results

statements made in blood

which contradict the message

but like Scaramouche

I was born with the gift of laughter

and a sense that the world is mad

so Iíll blaze my own path without pattern

in any direction I chose

neither leading nor following

I alone my own authority

as I have no faith to test

my beliefs are just that, mine





When Cities Turn To Cemeteries

(Civilizations and societies rise and fall through the cycle of history. Nothing is constant or guaranteed. Cities are the epicenters and hubs for economics, culture and opportunity yet dually are often ground zero for disease, disaster, violent insurrection, etc. yet most people will never think about these possibilities until it's too late.)

So smug

So sure

that nothing like that

could ever happen here

a steadfast belief

in state control

and the mechanisms

that keep you in place

you paid your taxes

like a vassal to their master

to earn the protection

of the law, police and army

your beloved "civilized society"

frowns upon the individual

and puts faith in the concepts

of speed, wealth and technology

unquestioned security

from a system based

on exploitation

and social inequality

conquest over nature

subjugation of man

the pestilence of city life

over rural fertile land

When cities turn to cemeteries

where you drop is where you'll be buried

yet no mechanic known

may fix the wrench in machinery

when the empire you cherish

collapses beneath its own weight

When cities turn to cemeteries

where you drop is where you'll be buried

once a hub of trade and culture

now a host for microorganisms

a surplus of waste and sewage

a catalyst for a damaged ecosystem

When cities turn to cemeteries

where you drop is where you'll be buried

(when a nation outgrows it) BORDERS!

(when a population outgrows its) CONFINES!

(when the ruled outgrow their) RULERS!

(social instability, war, famine, and disease will) FOLLOW!



Bread For War: Fresh Sand For the Coliseum

(A song drawing parallels between the decline of Rome and contemporary society. During the course of the Roman Empire the government tried to alleviate poverty by distributing annona, or free bread to the masses. At its heyday, 75% of the population of Rome was receiving free bread. It required 14 million bushels of wheat a year to feed to the population of Rome. Wheat harvested from hundreds of mile of fertile land, the majority of which was imported from Egypt and North Africa. If shipments were late the population would panic. Such was the case as the economic situation worsened under Nero and people rioted uncontrollably in the streets for two weeks. Rome's Empire had over-extended it's boundaries, the legions defending itís borders and trade routes, feeding off of bread just like the poor of itís capital. Yet rather than loading waiting ships in Egypt with food for the masses they filled them with sand for the coliseums. The reasoning being that nothing would take the masses mind off of hunger quicker than two weeks of rampant bloodshed and carnage at Circus Maximus, for the games kept the masses entertained and millions employed.)

The masses are hungry

the legions are marching

they satiate their hunger

with a diet of blood-drenched bread

but there will never be enough

to blot the pools of blood

congealing at the feet

of the disenfranchised masses

itís long past the

time of Pax Romana

now itís the Christians

who feed the pagans to the lions

and everyoneís a gladiator

to another's down turned thumb

in a society where

fantasy and reality collide

where appearance and attitude

mimic those of the machismo

of pro-wrestling

and the sex appeal of pornography

where the multinationals wage

war in the market place

and pacify the masses blood lust

through violent games and sport




Mano a Mono

(Often the rhetoric of the far right and far left can appear almost identical, the exception usually being what each side tends to view as the root of their problems. Both may implement violence as a political tool with a sense of righteousness and fervor condoning the spilling of blood for their cause. In their minds, their way is the right way, THE WAY. Many religious groups tend to harbor a similar mind set. This song is about not letting yourself get trapped in a constrictive singular belief system, to exist outside the boarders other people make. To be neither leader nor follower, but an autonomous, self-governing individual with a diverse worldview.)

so quick to draw the lines

so quick to judge and define

adherence to the party line

prohibits having an open mind

the caliber of your life

is directly related to the

caliber of yourself

and those you surround yourself with

so object to singularity

side step bi-polarity

color outside the lines

and fight ... mano a mono

the far right and far left

both adhere to rigid ideology and violence

I have no desire to befriend the

enemy through a barbwire fence

like the fascist and communists

marching hand in hand in Italy

(like some Yockey-ian dream)

to protest the war in Abyssinia

so object to singularity

side step bi-polarity

color outside the lines

and fight ... mano a mono

no one religion, race, ideology or system

will ever be the answer

original thought will always be rare

and mutts will continue to be the sturdiest breed