[In the last six days I got knocked out, cut my eye open, locked my finger in the van door, and broke my front tooth off, but I would later find out that my dog also got diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer this same week. When it rains it pours…]

RIP ROXY 1992-2003

The following morning I kept an eye on Klutz 1) to see if she really was a klutz and 2) to keep her at bay. I sat in a chair across the room from where she was telling someone a story and in 20 seconds witnessed the following: she put her drink down on the ground behind her to act out her story then instantly turned her foot into it and spilled it. She picked it up quickly and bumped into a chair behind her which she tried to catch before it fell over. This action caused her to back into another chair which she turned to catch causing the original chair to fall over. I had seen enough at that point and felt guilty for watching.

Claudia's pics from the Mannheim Fest:

Steffen from MY OWN LIES too busy to be drinking!

The MY OWN LIES guys planned to surprise us by playing The Road Warrior (Mad Max 2 for all you Euros) behind us during our show but I think someone was too hungover to figure out how to work the projector. Note: someone in this picture is guilty of breaking my teeth. Right about this time that person was also responsible for knocking Robert's bass out of tune. I like how there's a bunch of arms coming out of the audience and one leg.

Devon is a proud member of the Codpiece Nation.

"That's the note, dude! Ah man, I totally love that note! You fully play that note - I love it!
Yeah, you're the man, man! You. Are. The. Man!"

I'll give you that note! You like that? Huh? You like that note?! How about that note IN YO FACE?!?!

This guy's coolness is rivaled only by the Naked French Mosh Crew and the Gorilla from Münster.

These were taken by Valentina:

The calm before the storm?

The storm?

It looks like someone just pulled the ripcord to a folded-up inflatable Devon liferaft and he is springing to bouyant life. He is presumably inflating to save us from the aforementioned storm.

Like, whoa, man...

Robert always gets the ladies on his side of the stage while I always get the headbanging air-guitarists.

Devon spots Klutz and heads Operation Keep Her Away From Craig.

Mission successful.

These were taken by Marco:

See what I mean? Air guitarists and headbangers...
What's sad is that even though he has no guitar I can tell he can do way better scales than I can.

Robert turning his back on the Klutz so as to prevent further damage.

Unfortunately Mattias couldn't make it to the show tonight but it turned out he's also a painter and his first painting exhibit opened tonight. He sent some scans of his art and here are two of my favorites. 1 / 2

If you can handle more pics of the show go to BJORG's lustiger Bilderreigen

Drove through a 17km-long tunnel.

Little Haim is one of the best friends I made in Israel back in 1997. He has not gotten as fat as my Israeli friends made him out to be but he is still fatter than Fat Adi. He sang for DIR YASSIN but now plays bass in about 185 black metal bands. He is currently trying to live in Belgium and ladies...he's single!

Kontich, Belgium

Heh heh, Robert in shorts still makes me giggle.


That's about as tan as I've looked since I was 8 and spent most of the summer running around my neighborhood naked.

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