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Yaphet Kotto
Atom & His Package

Your Mother

Sean Na Na

The end of Atom's Bay area dominion.
924 Gilman, Berkeley
Friday, Nov 5
Bleep!The final night of our three day stand with Atom, and I'd say it was the best night of the three. The kids were out in full force for Atom, so there was a lot of crowd interaction and a higher energy level than the nights before. Your Mother was kinda good too. I had planned on going up early and meeting Tony so we could drink a bunch of overpriced beers at the brewery across the street (I've never been there, and since I'm a fucking yuppie now I better start acting like one) but we lagged and didn't get up there until about 30 minutes before we were supposed to play. As good as this show was, it still was nowhere near the level of MANOWAR's Kings of Metal album. Yaphet Kotto were so emo that the drummer set up his drumset backwards. Louie the hessian from Hawaii showed up and he invited us to a party at his new pad in El Cerrito, but we had a long drive ahead of us so we took a raincheck.
Atom & His Package (!!!)
Gods Hate Kansas

Your Mother

Captured! By Robots
AK Press benefit
Cocodrie in SF
Nov 4
Ouch! Ah, it was nice to go to a show that wasn't at Radio Free Records! Wow! Anyway, I've never been a big fan of the Cocodrie and I wasn't too excited about playing there, but if we wanted a monopoly on Atom's Bay Area shows we had to play one cheesy rock club. After we played I found out the door price was $7, which is pretty freaking ridiculous, if you ask me. Yes, it was a benefit, but at the same time there were three local bands and one out of town band, none of whom had guarantees. The three local bands weren't getting paid, so how did they justify charging so much? Even the AK Press people were confused. But that gripe aside, the show was tons of fun. We didn't totally suck like the night before, and SF is always fun because people just stand in the back of the club sipping their $3 beers. Gods Hate Kansas were really good, the last time I saw them I was bored to death and I was kinda expecting the same again. I made some friends and used the whole band's drink tickets to get expensive beer for free. Ah, the life of a rock and roller.
Atom & His Package (!!!)
Emo Summer

Your Mother

Brain Blood Volume
Show #1 of the Atom assault on the bay
Radio Free Records
San Jose
nov 3
Meow?Tony and I were finally out of Natural Ice, so we had to actually buy some this time. We made a great discovery, it tastes a lot better in a 40 than it does in a can! Brain Blood Volume was great, Big amps and loud drums. I likeum a lot. This was Emo Summer's last show, so we played kinda long. I had fun. Atom was decent, but not amazing. He made up for it the next night though. Your Mother totally sucked ass, I am NOT kidding. This was in our bottom three shows, down with the Richmond and 1st annual Zapatista benefit shows. Seriously painful. Everyone left while we played, even my girlfriend. On nights like this we just try to make the best of it, but if we suck, we REALLY SUCK.
Emo Summer, Prophets of Rage, Caraduras, Firme and maybe one more band
2nd annual Zapatista benefit
The Works Gallery, SJ
Oct 1st
Eeek!The 1st annual Zapatista benefit was horribly run, and really annoying. I was expecting the same. This time Adam had his stuff together and put on a decent show. The Works gallery is huge and the sound there sucks. Every time I've gone to a show at the Works in the past six years there has been a fight. No fight this time. Yippeee! Tony and I got sufficiently tanked on Natural Ice, again.
The Get Hustle, My Dying Wish, !!!, Emo Summer
you need to see !!!
Radio Free Records, SJ
Mon Sept 13th
Natural Ice! We were really happy about all the Natural Ice that someone left at Joe's house after the bike for beerathon. I've never understood why people bring beer to a party when there is a keg. I could understand if you bring good beer, but Natural Ice? I don't understand. Anyway, Tony and I drank a bunch of the Natural Ice before the show. !!! were amazing, but San Jose just doesn't understand the funk and only a couple of us got into the groove. The Get Hustle are the quintesential post-emo band, exactly what we hope happens to Emo Summer. They were totally wacked out on heroin, and were playing music that could only be described as REALLY BAD. The singer was dressed like a gypsy, and she didn't believe in singing with the music, she instead sang against it. In theory it works, but not in practice. My Dying Wish were top notch emo hardcore. I'm glad there is a good emo band in the South Bay again.
Emo Summer, Yogurt, The Flames, many more San Jose bands
an all day drunken punk rock fest.
Assorted places around San Jose.
Sat. Sept 11th
Helicopters! Bike-For-Beerathon is an annual event in San Jose that may have just seen its last year. A bunch of drunks get on bikes and go from house to house watching bands play. Its a pretty neat idea, as long as the ratio of fucking idiots and sane people is in check. Joe went all out and decorated his garage like a jungle. Yogurt was awesome. At the house after Joe's, something caught on fire, police helicopters showed up and someone's leg was broken in all the chaos.
Useless ID (from Israel), Your Mother, some band from LA and hopefully a band from Italy
A free fun international show!
Radio Free Records, SJ
Aug 28
Woohoo! I've been spending way too much time at this record store. The show was fun, no one tried to beat us up, and Useless ID was awesome. This Way Up from italy were cool too, except that they took a good hour to set up.
What Happens Next?, plus some more bands!
bandana release party (for real this time!)
Radio Free Records, SJ
Aug 22
dang! The main problem with shows at record stores is that there ain't no pit. How can you have a WHN show without a pit? Besides that it was asskicking.
What Happens Next?
bandana release party
924 gilman st
Aug 21
YM Tour
because we wanna 
(and because we got a buttload of records to sell)
Oahu, Hawaii
where? ask this guy:

hawaii guy
July 26-aug 5th
Aloha! Besides our guitars being stolen, Brad's back becoming very sunburnt and minor injuries all around, it was tons of fun. Read more in the Hawaii tour diary, coming soon.
YM, Adversives (from boise!!!)
this is another installment in the Boise/San Jose exchange program, which begun roughly 6 years ago
Radio Free records in SJ
 Wed, July 21
UGH! the bastard's canceled due to, of all things, van problems.  what is with these loser bands and their loser vans? (us included)
YM, Rocket Queens
a bachelor party for 
The Bouch
unless you are a male stripper, a line of cocaine, or a donkey, you ain't invited so who cares where it is?
July 10
How long can this go on? not a far cry from last night (see below).  BonneVicci Got Sum in a big way. check august's pin-up.
Rocket Queens
Scott Jones B-day 
bring food and get a free dominatrix session, leave only after you have committed at least one sin, enjoy the make-out room, etc...
San Francisco
515 1/2 shrader 

(corner of page and haight)

July 9
Duudddeee! it was everything a rock show was supposed to be: strippers, people throwing beer, people cheering in the balconies and flinging their tops off, knife fights, tight pants, no pants, heavy drugs, cops, jail, court dates, riots.... 
YM, What Happens Next?,
(hopefully USELESS ID from Israel!!!)
learn how to tap a keg and pack a bong
Pickle Patch in Santa Barbara
Sun July 4th
YM, What Happens Next?
come watch as we narrowly escape death
Headline Records
Sat July 3rd
YM, What Happens Next?
a trip to so cal to remind us why we never go there
Fri July 2nd
The Weekend: Awesome. One show ended in a minor explosion, one ended in smoke, and all involved the maddest pits you've ever seen!  LIFE'S HALT from Los Angeles were TOTALLY RULING!  We were introduced to the L.A. Boogie phenomenon (where once you enter the LA area your nose fills with big, black boogers), we played in DA HOOD, Inglewood (where dey up to no good), i walked into a pole and mangled up my chest, we went to magic mountain AND hurricane harbor and both bands had new records for sale.  had to say it was a good weekend.
What Happens Next?, Trial, Catharsis, Zegota
this show will make you scream "1987!"
924 gilman street
Sun, June 27
Da Pit: Afternoon shows usually aren't very exciting because it's hard to get into it when it's still light out.  But a few people still managed to beat the crap out of the others with their wily straight-edge dances and there was fire breathing at some point, too.
Rocket Queens, Cavity,
Ringwurm, Lesser of Two

Dead Air Frequency
just a chance to rock, baby!
Joe's house in San Jose
Sun, June 20
OUCH!  Man o man, was it HOT!!!  We had to cut the set short because Bradley, er Semen Handler, lost control of himslef from the heat and started peeing himself.  And I couldn't accurately attack the solos because, as one bare-chested fan put it, "[I] had a constant stream of sweat running off [my] elbow the whole time [we] played."  I think it was the chaps that did me in.  Even Asshole Rose had problems from the heat - much like wood expands in water, so did his legs and groin, limiting his sway to only his upper body.  And Muff's pants were already so tight he couldn't even wear underwear before putting them on, but once the heat hit him he nearly busted out of his zipper like an over-stuffed sausage.  On a lighter note, both Cavity and Lesser of Two were, in the words of many, "bludgening."  RINGWURM were masterful even though they were minus one git player.  Speaking of RINGWURM guitar players, Ben The Cop (who, reports confirm, really fucking hates my fucking guts), has quit the band and sold all of his equipment.  I was going to offer to take his place, but i think that would do little to improve my relationship with the man (The Man?).  All in all, the show was the best sauna i ever attended.
BTW, Betty's Love Child's last show was last night.  RIP.
Your Mother, Yogurt,
Captured By Robots
benefit for the week-long Geekfest Death Camp
924 Gilman St
Friday, June 4
Oh yeah!  yoghurt is the original HICKEY.  them, combined with Captured By Robots, made this one of the better shows gilman has seen in a long time.  those yoghurt's still remain the most entertaining people in this genre, whithout a doubt.  i had an excellent time, even though we were again bumped into the headlining position and eventually only alotted 7 minutes to play because of recently imposed curfews.  that was good though, because we never broke any strings (heck we never even went out of tune!), joe and i were the only ones to get hurt (i bled form four different places, personally), and i am finally getting used to playing with short hair (it's interesting how much one's hair contributes to one's sense of rhythm).
YM, Rocket Queens
rock, i guess
Cheers, in sunnyvale
Sat May 29
Josh's b-day, again
Odd Fellows Hall in San Jose
Sat May 15
Blah: we played a less than average set, especially considering  last years stellar performance.  but we managed some free root beer and only minor musical flubs.  josh got older and yet his obvious liking towards us proves he has yet to actually grow up. notice how these get shorter and shorter?  that's because we get less and less interesting.  behold the future of Your Mother...
Rocket Queens
(our G'n'R tribute band)
Stinky's Peepshow
where Large & Lovely Ladies strip to live Rock music!!!
C.W. Saloon in SF
Thurs, April 29
MAN!!!  There were big women dancing erotically, there were three back-to-back Rock bands, there were pinball machines (good ones!) and it was FUN AS FUCK!  I will say that i have done all that i have set out to do in the world of Rock.  tonight i may retire a content man.
not quite sure yet
in campbell? cupertino?
Fri May 14

(because of an incident invloving a live chicken and some Trader Joe's cookies)
YM, The Cost, some new form of Soda Pop Fuck You
because mikey told us we should play
Somebodies produce store in richmond.
They didn't even know we were playing until we got there!

then they wished we hadn't!
Fri, Apr 30
What you're glad you missed: This was quite possibly the worst show we have ever played.  Top 3 AT LEAST.  This time, though, we drove a cummulative 300+ miles!  Few things could mar the name YOUR MOTHER more than that performance.  It was a classic. 
YM, Eyesores (featuring Metalhead)
Somewhere in san jose
Sun April 25
What Happens Next? (see Dec 18), Life's Halt, 
Gods Hate Kansas
the place to be in SF
Mission Records in SF
Sat April 24
I warn you, the old-school is coming back.  Hard. 
YM, Wet-Nap, Jocks
pizza and music.  last time i saw a show here someone was stabbed.  come along! if you get stabbed, i'll buy you a slice of pizza as a peace offering
La Vals Pizza in Berkeley
Sat April 17
Yeah:  Bradley showed up and 3pm and shortly went back home.  Joe and Alan showed up a couple minutes later and went cruising Telegraph Ave.  Mikey showed up a few minutes after that and was waiting outside when I showed up.  He had this look asking "What the heck is going on?!"  I didn't understand until I went in and asked the guy behind the counter of La Vals who said, "Show's canceled as of last night.  Cops..."  No one told us and we all drove many miles in separate vehicles to play nothing to no one.  Joe and Alan returned to find a ticket on their car with a note from Mikey and I saying "Show's canceled.  P.S.  you got a ticket"  They failed to find the humor but we all went to have falafels.  An hour later we came up with numerous new album concepts and shirt designs and more ideas for the tour this summer.  Minus Bradley, it was actually quite productive for YM.  Now Mikey  is going to set up a show for Sean's band (Sean is the guy who set up this show, and thus the one resposible for calling us before we drove all the way there) in the middle of some non-existent place.
Joe's Art Show
an extensive showcasing of joe's paintings. a lot of joe's time is spent on these, and luckily for him,  they're even good!
Not quite sure yet
ask joe himself
was april 10
Joe has contracted yet another serious virus, this time affecting (among other things) his hearing.
As you can understand, this sucks for someone who considers music a passion.
So if you can sympathize let him know. Write him.
Your Mother, Artimus Pyle (x-fuckface), Deathreat (x-His Hero Is Gone), Talk Is Poision, Emo Summer (see Jan 24th review)
hard rock and cinnamon rolls
924 Gilman St
Fri, March 5
Lacking a new schtick, and having not practiced in almost 18 months, I was desparate to do something to make this show worth everyone's while.  Without the knowledge of the band or even my lovely girlfriend I brought Karoline, Grrl Roadie, up onstage to assist me in making the ultimate Rock and Roll Sacrifice. [Once, in Brasil, I was sitting at a bus stop itching the back of my head.    I had managed to produce a lemon-sized dread back there after not combing it for about a year and a half.  It was such an impervious clump of hair that the skin underneath never even dried.  It was gross, but i didn't care.  That is, until I got to a got to a foreign country where different elements (parasitres, diseases, etc.) exist.  This worried me so I asked Karoline to cut the matted ball of hair into accessible "strips."  After much resistence, the scissors finally penetrated the knot and what occured could only be described as a "blooming."  The hair opened like a flower and Karoine said she had never seen anything so repulsive. That was about four years ago and I was hoping to relive that moment with her again.]  For each song we played I snipped off one dread.  We still sucked.
What Happens Next?
just a show
924 Gilman St
Fri, Feb 12
The Dirt: The pit was big and everyone's clothes were black.  There was even a lot of hair there.
Rocket Queens, Iron Vegan (hopefully) and others
Metal Madness Night II
GO HERE for recap of how AWESOME last year was.
924 Gilman St
Sat, Jan 30th

possibly till May1
Your Mother, 
Royal Grand Prix,

Betty's Love Child,

Emo Summer
Joe's house
in San Jose
Jan 24th
Wheu: Emo Summer is Alan and his friends being emo.  There was a lot of crying, backpack wearing, zine distributing, $1.50 t-shirts, and, of course, emo.  They were awesome.  Really.  For as much of a joke as they were, they were really quite good.  BLC are forging headlong into Jawbreaker territory with a small emphasis on Iron Maiden.  We were "(shrug your shoulders)".  RGP were Canadian Rock, and i do mean Rock.   They are on Wrong Records (as in John Wright, as in NOMEANSNO) so they had a lot to live up to, and they came through for sure.  Besides the choreograghed dance moves for most all the songs, they introduced numbers like "I've never been too drunk to fuck, but I've been too drunk to fucking cook!"
Your Mother, Captured By 
Robots (!), 

Bobby Joe Ebola,

Los Rabis,

good times

intimate setting
BJE's house
Sat, Jan 23rd
Ahh:  This was our first show in THREE MONTHS were we all made it!!  We were actually pretty okay, even.  Captured By Robots were way better, though, so it didn't really matter.  It was along day spanning into a long night and we had another long day ahead of us.  I went to my best friend's birthday party and never showed up because i was too tired.  I ate cereal instead before passing out face first onto a bed with a black cat on it.  I awoke and had more cereal.
What Happens Next?, Dead Bodies Everywhere, Society of Friends (Texas), Curtainrail (Japan)
Live at Mission Records!
(all-ages and cheap)
Mission St
San Francisco
Sat, Jan 9th
The good word:  Curtainrail was super-hyper cool, as expected.  The other two were brutal, fast, and tight.  We were at least fast.  The real highlight, though, was that Hal showed up and brought me a bunch of Sewer Trout CDs!!!  Write Hal and tell him you want to die for your own CD.  Mission Records is a great place to play, less the problem with the the trampoline-stage.
What Happens Next?
(this is craigums new band with devon from All You Can Eat, Robert from Fuckface, and Max from Spazz), Exhumed, Weakling, 

Black Goat, Scatched
benefit for Epicenter Zone in SF
924 Gilman St
Fri, Dec 18
What Happened Then: We were "not tight" but still "tough."  My bandana stayed on the whole time butI scabbed up my knees pretty bad.  All the other bands were super metal and one drummer was going so strong that his arm gave out midsong and everyone wasafraid to laugh at him. There were many people who had no problem laughing when each song, from each band, was introduced in the "deathmetal voice."  It prompted everyone to talk that way regularly.  See how fun it is to growl things like, "Snickers bar, please" or "I have to go to the potty, can you keep an eye on my jacket?"
Your Mother, Apeface, Ringwurm,
Reina Aveja (Fl)
Kim and Dean's wedding
Joe's House
San Jose
Sun, Nov 29th
Whoa: the best way to describe the event is "non-traditional."  Ringwurm (featuring Joe) played (good, i might add).  then some band with joe played 4 songs.  while we set up to play alan brought out the tuba and, rather than playing the wedding march, he played the Death March from Star Wars as the bride and groom were carted into the arena and shackled to the ceiling.  the crowd was a madhouse and before the ceramony was over i swear i was at a Gwar show.  i got rice stuck in my hair and shoes, ketsup all over my boy scout uniform, and i was forced to tongue kiss dean as he was too drunk to notice that i was not his new bride. we played (with joe!) then Reina Aveja played.  they were so damn good that they were not permitted to leave the corner of the room in which they were playing until after their second encore.  they even had joe come up and sing a song! go joe!  joe was even lucky enough to stick around to clean up! 
Alan's amendment: "I read your synopsis of the wedding, and I think you left out one important part. I had already left by this time (maybe you had too) but when apeface was playing Robert decided that it was imperative to throw the carcass of a turkey into the pit! He felt really bad afterwards and apologized to Joe, but he kept saying 'they  deserved it, they deserved it!'"

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