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Joe, The New Guy - December 1998
not really, though
Craigums - November 1998
us in fairfield. don't fuck with the goat.
Dem Boys - October 1998
Craigums - September 1998
package, baby, it's all package
Alex - August 1998
nice tattoo
Mikey - July 1998
i play video games, what do you do?
Bradley - June 1998
Your Mother - Circa 1987
Craigums tries to channel 1.21 gigawats of pure Rock (c) power.
Craigums - May 1998
Brad had to put on 80 pounds for this shot.
Bradley - April 1998 
Unknown to most, Mikey actually has the power to levetate
Mikey - March 1998
Alan once again believes he is some sort of angry dog .
Alan - February 1998
Joe can emit sounds only dirty rabbits and ugly crows can hear.
Joe - January 1998
Tonight on Solid Gold: Hideous Freaks!
Alex & Devon -December 1997