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Yes, we are truly on the forefront of industry now! There are a few songs up here from a few different YM records, plus some unreleased crap that really sucks. I guess its safe to say that all of this sucks, but the really old stuff REALLY sucks. Bad! If you'd rather read or play along with Your Mother instead of listening to the schlock, peruse our lyrics and tablature sections. Be warned though, oh, be warned.

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One Big Inside Joke:
  • I Love Anal Mucus - Another request, for the same song with different lyrics. Our tribute to Concord's finest (?) band. Off One Big Inside Joke. By the way, Six Weeks Records just released a 52 song Anal Mucus retrospective CD, you should really buy it.

  • Greg: Ex-Masturbator - The "hit" song from One Big Inside Joke. Also appeared on the Sometimes Scott Jones is our Roadie EP and about 10 million compilations. You can find the sequel on the Jogging EP.

  • Yeah, I'm Whooped - Not really a hit, but this is on OBIJ and SSJIOR.

  • Zac Attack - The beginning of Mikey's singing career, also the end. From OBIJ. Coming soon: Zac Attack the video. No kidding.

  • I Love San Francisco - This epic number was on OBIJ and about 10,000 compilations, including Wood Panel Pacer With Mags, Faux Pas Potpourri and others that I can't remember right now.

  • Colour Me Badd Religion - We had trouble playing this one live. People seem to enjoy it. Bite my ass, if you will.

  • Mucus Set - By popular demand, we have added this for mp3 download. These three songs were played together as one at the end of each Your Mother show from 1995 to the day we died. We "saved the best for last," too bad the songs aren't even ours! Typical!

  • House of Seven - A really bad song. Someone requested it, so we put it up. Slayer cover song.

  • Life's Too Short to be a White Male, Age 18-25 - Someone requested it, so we put it up. Used to be called "Life's Too Short to be a Vegetarian" until Alan, Craig and Brad all became vegetarians.

Weird ALbum:

  • I'll Be Mellow When I'm Dead - This is off The Weird Al-bum which is in my opinion possibly the only good YM record to date!

  • Dare To Be Stupid - This is off The Weird Al-bum which, you guessed it, makes it a Weird Al cover!


  • Megaman Theme Song - As products of the video game generation, how could we not cover Megaman? Answer me that, foolio. If we ever get around to releasing One Big Disappointment this song may end up on there, but in all reality that will never happen.

  • The Love Set - 3 songs from the first YM demo tape (Listen To Your Mother) that were rerecorded some reason. With all luck it won't be released, but I'll bet you these will find your way onto One Big Disappointment.

  • Being Vegan Made Bradley Fat - An unreleased song live at the Gilman Street Beach Party sometime in January 1998. Plus witty banter. Joe didn't know the lyrics to this song (I don't think he learned them even now) and Mikey didn't have an A string.

  • Do The Toxic Waltz - Oh yeah, it's the classic Exodus moshfest! Did I mention that the first time I met Craig's dad we were doing the Toxic Waltz in the pit at an Exodus show? Now I did. Anyway, this song is on the Golfing Record or whatever the hell its called. Anyway, its that record on 208 records that hasn't come out yet. The song is actually part of another epic song, Help Yourself 97. Funny that its 1999 now, and Help Yourself 97 still hasn't been released. We tried to write HY98, but at the same time I was lobbying for a switch to HYNT. HY99 may be written soon, or we may just move on to HY2000, the techno version.

Other Crap:

  • If Spankin' it Were an Olympic Event, I Would be Sponsored By Nike (or maybe Kleenex) - Nothing like a song about masterbation. This song can be found on the Making Jogging A Threat Again 7"

  • Why I'll Never Have Another Girlfriend - Hopefully this is the last song Craig writes about Kate. Soon after writing it, he started dating Corey. Hmm. Stay tuned for the Sequel "OK, So I Swore I Was Only Going To Date Men, But My Hormones Got The Best Of Me." Anyway, this song is off of some Brazilian compilation, and can also be found on the Making Jogging A Threat Again 7". A live version featuring the legendary Tel Aviv on trumpet can be found on the threatingly bad Nancy Vandal/Your Mother split live CD.

  • I'm So Happy - We used to cover Ringwurm's "Mental Sidewalk" but then they got mad at us and said "write your own damn Mental Sidewalk!!" So here it is, our own damn Mental Sidewalk. From the Another Probe 7" With A Girl On The Cover.

  • Don't Fuck With The Ghost (australian version) - from the Nancy Vandal/Your Mother split live CD that you probably don't have. Another live version of this appears on the Blleeaauuurrrgghh! A Music War 7" on Slap A Ham records.

  • Sprouts - From the Nancy Vandal/Your Mother split live CD, another live version appears on the America In Decline compilation by Six Weeks.

  • The Prisoner - From the Nancy Vandal/Your Mother split live CD, Craig shows his sensitive side and sings about sexy buff men taking advantage of him.

  • Fight For Your Right To Rasta - Here's some serious crap! You think we're bad now? Once we were even worse! Yup, those are vocal effects you hear. Stellar bass playing by Alan. Brad wasn't in the band yet and Craig played drums. This painfully appeared on the 1992 Pasture Of Muppets demo tape. Yuck.

  • Sprouts, live on Nardwuar's show - This is the much saught-after rare Canadian live version of Sprouts. This originally appeared (without Nardwuar's intro) on the America In Decline comp LP from Six Weeks.