Other sites hosted on the yourmother.com megaweb:

  • Love Songs - Craig and Brad's new band.
  • All You Can Eat - One of Craig's other "bands." Known to travel the world extensively but rarely plays shows locally. Come to think of it, I don't think they've played a show anywhere in the past 2 years. Hmm.
  • What Happens Next? - The best 80s skatecore revival band around.

Other YM related sites that aren't on this server:
  • Chu Chi Nut Nut - Craig, Alan, Joe, Alex and Tony's new dumb band. Even worse than Your Mother! Yikes.
  • Rocket Queens - A strange offshoot of Your Mother, this band lives to perpetuate the power of Guns N Roses' "Appetite For Destruction." One could see this as a lofty goal, a complete waste of time, or both. You decide.
  • Emo Summer - Dedicated to reliving the days of 6/95-8/95. Painful, emotional and thought provoking live performances. No, it is not a joke.
  • Nothing Records - Joe's record label, with releases by bands like Ringwurm, Emo Summer, Apeface, Unit Breed and a bunch more.
  • Love Songs - Craig and Brad's new band.
  • Joe Demaree Art Gallery - Joe's exciting art gallery full of exciting Joe art. See many paintings of Joe's mom, cats, ears and of course vagina heads.
  • The Bike Parade - Slightly annoying yet arousing mutant bike collection from Alan. The Parade is unfortunately almost at an end, but some of the bikes still get ridden around.
  • South Bay Music Archive - Alan and Joe's attempt to compile a bunch of songs from old San Jose punk bands.

Other bands that garnish the YM seal of approval:
  • Atom and His Package - One man, a sequencer and a mission to annoy. Amazingly, he actuallys writes some darned good songs! Very entertaining live too.
  • Weird Al Yankovic - Like you don't already spend all day on this site.
  • SPiSHAK - Cool band from the west bay, super nice guys. Their drummer's spleen was recently attacked by a hockey puck, can you believe that?

Some record labels that we don't think are half bad:
  • Blind Records - Based in Australia, this label released the Nancy Vandal/Your Mother split CD along with a label called Deplorable.
  • 702 Records - Home of Scared of Chaka and a bunch of other bands. Also home of Sticker Guy stickers, which are cheap and good.
  • Hawaiian Express - Hawaiian Express, home of Grapefruit and many other great Hawaiian bands. Run by Jason Miller who sometimes lives in Hawaii and sometimes lives in Joe's garage. He gave me a totally psycho kitty that beats the crap out of me whenever it gets a chance.
  • Probe Records - The label that put out One Big Inside Joke and some good records too, including the legendary Hickey LP.

Other pages we approve of:
  • Nardwuar The Human Serviette - The king of the Canadian airwaves. Lots of real audio/video clips of embarrassing interviews with celebrities and politicians.
  • Chicken Is Good Food - Fancy internet version of local Bay Area zine. Neat stuff.
  • n0p34ce - This is what the world is coming to!
  • Radio Free Records - Possibly San Jose's only good record store, rumor has it they might put their one Your Mother CD back on the shelf soon! Huge mailorder selection too!
  • C.H.U.N.K. 666 - Inspiration to many in the bike manipulation field.
  • McSpotlight -The man bringing you down again? Visit the site that has the answers to all your corporate swine woes. Highlights include guided tours of the McDonald's website and of the McLibel lawsuit, with RealAudio accompaniment.