This is the start of a Your Mother picture archive. There are tons of photos from 1990-1993, and not as many from 1994-2000. I have a giant stack of photos on my desk to scan still, so I'll be putting them up as I can.

Have some embarrasing or fun photos of YM? Email Alan, we'd love to stick them up here.

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Circa 1990, Amador Music, Pleasanton. Craig demonstrates his extreme nerdiness that just never went away. 1990, Shawn's garage, Pleasanton. Perhaps one of the earliest photos of Your Mother? Check out that awesome drumset, and the ever-amazing Shawn hair.
June 1991, Livermore High School, Livermore. YM's 2nd show. Yes, Alan was a big dork even back then. Your Mother's dazzling display of equipment has been with them since the beginning.
Mullets galore! Livermore was one of the mullet capitals of California in the early 90s, and Livermore High School's student population was eager to follow the trends. 1991, Round Table Pizza, Pleasanton. Local Legend Scott Jones. This was supposed to be the cover of the "Sometimes Scott Jones is our Roadie" record, but we lost the picture.
June 1991, The Stone, San Francisco. The first and one of the few times we actually played at a legitimate rock club! (AS) Shawn didn't just have a mullet, but he had a bowl cut at the same time! How weird is that? Notice the Your-Mother-Mobile in the background.
The Stone spared no expense in making us look and sound ridiculous, with nutty light show and heavily reverbed vocals. Nice hat Jared.
We really packed the house that night! Notice Scott Jones in the bandana, Sean Hugunin with the long hair and Paul Lew with his turquoise Primus shirt he wore every day. Craig, not yet at the point where he had perfected all his amazing rock star poses.
Some of the bands scheduled at the Stone in the weeks following our show were: Tuff, Don Dokken, Mind Funk, Fungo Mungo and Roxanne. (AS) Alan, sometime in 1992.
1992, Craig's garage. After realizing this punk rock guise wasn't working, we took promo photos for our new "tough guy rock" image. (RG) The tough guy image didn't pan out, so we attempted to remarket ourselves as satanic pyromaniacs. That failed as well.(RG)
This was YMM (yourmothermobile) #1, the 76 Volvo. (RG) These photos were taken right around the time that Shawn dissapeared, but before Brad joined the band. We played one show with this lineup (w/ Craig on drums). (RG)
The masked funkman, sometime in 1992. 1993, Amador Valley High School, Pleasanton. Alan is about to lay some serious thumb on his bass in this photo. (CM)
Pleasanton was slightly hipper than Livermore, but there were still many a mullet to be found at our high school performance. (CM) Shh, don't tell anyone, but this was about the height of Craig and Alan's respective "grunge" fazes. It was too hot out to fly the flannel, but damn, check out that hair! (CM)
One of Livermore's least-known hip hop stars, Jammin J, joined us onstage for our Pleasanton show. (CM) Jared, who quit the band to go on his Mormon mission. (CM)
Jared was kicked off his mission after 4 months, and is now happily married and living in Salt Lake City. (CM) 1993, Danville Vets Hall, Danville, CA. While Brad seemed quite unhappy dressed up in a suit for this show, he later began to appreciate suits and started wearing them to work everyday.
We were dressed up for two occasions. First, this was Jared's last show with the band before he left for his mission in Philadelphia. Second, Alan had to play tuba in his high school band's recital that night. Unfortunately, he arrived at the school too late.
I'd never seen someone in a bowtie do hardcore jumps. Until now. Craig's Fender Mustang, which he bought because it was just like Kurt Cobain's guitar in the "Smells Like Teen Spirit" video.
Ahh, the glorious "wank-a-thon" sign. If that sign could talk, it would have said "God damn, this band is stupid." 1993, Gilman St, Berkeley. Probably the height of Alan and Craig's grunge phase. Check out the Drippy Drawers graffiti in the corner.
A more-than-typical turnout (5 people) for a YM show. Notice that Craig and Alan weren't the only people bit by the grunge bug that year. It was not too hot to fly the flannel that day.
1993, Paul Lew's house, Pleasanton. What a cute little picture of Brad, with his cute little Sepultura shirt. Notice the Easy Rider album on the wall. 1993, St Mary's College, Oakland. There's something on that ceiling, I swear.
Alan had just gotten off work, and was still wearing his gas station shirt. Check out that sexy hair and facial expression! 1993, The Stone, San Francisco. Our 2nd, and final experience with the Nady empire (owners of the Stone, One Step Beyond and the Omni - 3 crappy glam rock clubs).
Wow, that's some serious hair. This show was with the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, and the last time they came to SF there was a near riot. There was more of a full scale riot at this show, and the club closed down shortly afterwards. The show was on Earth Day, so we brought huge trash bags full of dirt and threw them all over the crowd. We started out throwing stickers, so when we brought out the bags everyone thought they were getting something awesome. They did.
As soon as we were finished, the bouncers handed us brooms and said "You and your friends will clean this mess up NOW." 1993, Your Place Too, Oakland. One of the greatest crappy all ages dive bars around. I think this is where we met Anal Mucus.
God, we were ugly, weren't we? Craig and his "Jolly Llama" guitar. Quite possibly the worst sounding, worst playing guitar in history. Maybe that's why he likes it so much.
Another stunning turnout for a Wednesday evening in the slums of Oakland. This was the "Pasture of Muppets" tape release show. There's nothing funnier than a WHOLE bunch of hair. That was the best part of the grunge movement, if you ask me.
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