I've had buttloads of bands come through here - most from out of town which is pretty cool. Among them are: Hit Me Back, Star Fucking Hipsters, Bobby Joe Ebola, Voetsek, Modern Machines, This Is My Fist, Abi Yoyos, Colbom, Youth Riot, What Happens Next?, Out Of Vogue, Boom Boom Kid, Robocop 3, Nerd Alert, Green Angel, Up On Blocks, Scholastic Deth, Love Songs, Meris, Conquest For Death, Tragetelo, Angry For Life, Fuerza X, Sharp Knife, Anal Mucus, Harry Balzogna & The Teenie Weenies, I Object, Our Turn...

Here's what some of them had to say:

hey bro. just wanted to thank you for the recording it is sweet. we all love it. u were tight as fuck and a damn good deal. well hit u back soon to record more cause recording with you was a peach.
Matt / El Dead

Its a good fun environment to be in. It doesnt feel like some jerk just trying to get your money out of you that doesnt care about how your music turns out. You can have a good time but still get things done.

Craig recorded our first demo and our last hurrah, in effect what a more studious specimen of humanity might have termed 'bookending our career', and to great effect. Pay no attention to the fact that our demo was never released - it's not his fault that we sucked (back then). And if it wasn't for Craig, some of our fastest, most fun and (arguably) best material would've died along with the live incarnation of THE DETH. Not that we ever played new songs live... Seriously though, or actually not so seriously, since recording there was totally fun, I'd recommend Craig's Dutch Oven to any aspiring, perspiring, or expiring band.

The best part about recording in the Dutch Oven had to be when we started recording the first song and a slightly overweight middle-aged man came out in his nut huggers and watched...try getting that experience somewhere else!

I have recorded there 4 different times now and I have enjoyed every time. I have only recorded at two other places but I can tell their atmospheres were lame and not for me. I like recording with you because you are laid back and don't rush the bands. You also add in your opinions on the songs which helps in situations where the band can't decide what to do. I like how you dont make anyone feel dumb if they don't know what the hell they are doing. I think some of the only times I get super stressed is during recording and I enjoy recording with you because you always have something funny to say that will cheer me right up.

Recording with Craig is a lot of fun. He doesn't put any weird underwater effect on Annie's vocals, and when i'm bored he will tell me stories from What Happens Next? or All You Can Eat/Hickey tours, which is my favorite shit to hear about. He has gotten noticibly better at recording, even in the past half year, and charges very reasonably for what he does. He's especially gotten better with getting good drum sounds. There's a Raley's grocery store nearby, and Craig (or Ben) will take you for a good pizza break at NY Pizza. All in all, a good time and a great recording choice, especially if you're on a budget.

Its the best diy studio there is, you know what you are doing!!!!! and our
recording came out great, though we feel bad we never got to pay you!!!!
Diego / FUERZA X (from Guatemala)

Oh dude our recording fucking rocks.. just what we were looking for. We will hella record with you again. Thanks!

I really got a good chance to listen last night. I sat down in front of my stereo and just listented. It was quite a listening experience. You did a great job. Without sounding too self-congratulatory... I'm proud. Its just how I had been imagining our recording to sound. Thanks a lot, Craig. When the time comes we'll be back. No question bout it.
I love you, fool,
P.S. You're the Man

not only is the quality of the atmosphere unsurpassable by any other recording studio but the treatment given to you and your musical companions is unamatched.
craig opened his magical studio of harmony to us for the first time in early 2004 supplying us with what we asked and nothing less. he made sure we were satisfied with our general audio performance. several long arduous minutes were taken mastering our demo which ended up being a huge success...yeah....
in april of 2005 we went back into the dutch oven to record a few songs for a compaltion (never came out...blame max) and ended up laying down 15 tracks of hardcore, thanks to craig, in it's most pure form. having matured as musical companions we went in wanting somthing a little different than last time. craig listened with half-attentive ears and still delivered. the recording was so good when we shipped it off to 625 we were offered an ep.
with our ep out and a few new songs written in october of 2005 we journeyed once again to the quaint little town of alemeda, home of the dutch oven, simba, and possibly the best recording engineer without a certificate ever. me and my musical companions delivered a harsh new sound into the microphones of craig and when time came to master not a word need be said. craig knew what we wanted and most of all what we needed. with a glance at me and then a nod in return craig did what we all knew must be done.
a new sound has been forged by the rosenbombs thanks to craig. craig is a nice guy who pushes you to try new things but doesnt take control of your musical ideas(and in my case life) and stomp them to the ground. the shit sounds tight and if he likes you and there's cake around he'll offer you some! on the real craig is the man. word.
Jeff / R