The Dutch Oven (Ver. 5.0) is a recording studio located in Oakland, California. I specialize in recording punk and metal bands but I am open to and capable of recording anything you can throw at me. I can also transfer/digitize vinyl and cassettes and DATs.

There are a few ways we can record here:

* you and yours can record live

* your drummer can first record his/her tracks, then everyone else can take their sweet time and layer their instruments after

* you can bring in your favorite band's CD and I can run it through the kareoke-izinator. This also works for hip hop.

Demo or 7in sessions are typically done in one or two days. I've had one band record and mix 30+ songs in one day while I've had another band do 6 songs in 9 months, so I suppose anything is possible.

  • 16-track live recording (w/ ~25 more tracks for overdubs)
  • up to 24-bit/96k wav files into Cubase 5 w/ Motu 2408 and 1224 cards (OR we can use the trusty Fostex XR-7 4-track cassette recorder)
  • Output to CD-R or DAT or cassette or I can call your answering machine and leave it on there.
  • RNC compressors, UA 6176 pre-amp and compressor, Mackie 32x8 mixing console, Lexicom effects processor, Fostex RM900 reference monitors, BBE Sonic Maximizer, Sonic Decimator, more plug-ins than you'll know what to do with, a computer mouse with a little red light under it, mousepad with little M&M charaters on it...
  • blah blah blah

All this techie crap doesn't mean anything if you don't like the way your recording sounds. Listen to what I've done and what people have to say and go from there---->


click to open an mp3 file:


For pictures visit the facebook page.

Some testimonials.

NOTE: the studio is on hiatus until further notice. I'm working on another project for the forseeable future.

(five-one-oh) 846-6879

craigums at yourmother period com

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