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Welcome to the tour diaries section! On rare occasions the YM troupe left town for exotic locations, and published our findings in something called the Junkmailer. We used to mail these things out to everyone on our mailing list, but that got to be really expensive so from now on they are internet-only things. The first few print editions are unavailable, if someone wants to HTMLize them for us they are more than welcome too. Here's what we have online, starting with the most recent:

*You will need the Free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print these Junkmailers. Originally appeared in paper form.

And here's a few YM-related travel diaries/journals:

  • Joe's Journal This is an amazing daily account of Joe's life, in his own words, at a great many people's expense.
  • Antarctica January, 2000. Just days after the final YM show Craigums goes to Antarctica. No shit!
  • Alan's Journal Though not nearly as bizarre as Joe's journal, this does show just how much tmie Alan spends at home on a computer.
  • Sudamerica What Happens Next? encounters many transexuals..
  • Bradley's Journal Feeling good about things? Let Bradley put an end to all of that.
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