9am and ready to light rock!


Coincidentally, this is also what I look like after a day of sunbathing.


Auditioning for the part of "Constellation in Waiting Room of Doctor's Office"


Colleen and I building backyard furniture for the grammatically-challenged.


Bill and Jethro, chatting about their love of vitamins and the women who take them.


The deli tray.


Ukranian Jordache model, Schkelxlk, "gets her ball on" as the kids say.


The cast of 300 meets the cast of TRON.


Alf, Cousin Larry, Abe Vigoda and Johnny 5.


"Now ladies, I want less Kerry King and more Jeff Hanneman."


Like a team of Superzeroes, ready to conquer any pizza or bowl of peanut M&Ms that may cross their path.


"And when you see your mother this weekend, tell her I said SATAN."


9am and ready to vomit. She, on the other hand, was ready to drink from her flask.
To use the parlance of the day, "I have been moded."


Clockwise from left: Bono, Doc Brown, Beavis, Greg Louganis, Fresh Prince, Baryshnikov,
Lassie #3, Scooter, fish, lamp, ouch I stubbed my toe, etc...