Instead of being pretentious and talking about ourselves we'll let let you do it for us...

Fill in the following blanks as creatively as possible, bad words are highly recommended. Have Fun!

A Salutation:
An Adjective:
An Adjective:
A Noun:
An Adjective:
Another Adjective:
One More Adjective:
Noun You Wouldn't Want Smeared On Your Pillow:
A Verb:
A Verb:
Plural Noun:
An Expletive:
A Hobby Your Parents Do:
A Hobby Your Best Friend Did When He Was 8 Years Old:
Something You Would Never Be Caught Dead Doing:
Yet Another Adjective:
A Noun:
Yet Still Another Adjective:
A Quote From Your Gym Teacher:
A Verb:
A Plural Noun:
A Place Your Parents Warned You About:
Even Yet Still Another Adjective:
A Food:
A Unit Of Measure:
Your Favorite Noun:
A Part Of Your Anatomy:
An Odd Shaped Noun:
An Adjective One Uses To Describe A Younger Sibling:
An Adejctive The Cops Might Use To Describe You:
Your Worst Enemies' Email Address: