i should have been beat up this night.
my head! my head!!
Tampa, Florida, 1994. Halloween.
Half a block down from the Cannibal Corpse show.
Devon, Myron, Greg from Spiral Objective Australia, Danny B, and Craigums.  Adelaide, Australia, 1994.
only $1.50 each!
This is us minutes before embarking on a road trip where those cookies would have done us good.  Craigums, Devon, Myron, and Danny B.  Ahhh.  Holy Cow, 1993.
We haggled long and hard with a woman working a sewing hut in the Philippines.  Then we realized that her outlandish price was still only a $1.50 USD per hat.  We gave her a tip.  Craigums, Devon, dug, Karoline, Danny, and Myron.  Somewhere over The Pacific, 1995.
older, fatter, balder...
AYCE at Danny B's wedding.  This was taken a few weeks after GWAR stayed at Danny's house.  GWAR is friend's with Danny's wife, Kirsten.  This alone makes her cool.  Craigums, Myron, Danny, and Devon.  Bunker III, Baker Beach, San Francisco, 1999.
AYCE at Myron's wedding, June 2000. Jimbo is the guy with the OPEN sign on his head. He was an AYCE bass player until he left to pursue a career in animation. today he is very successful in the field, as well as very subversive (think of the peni in Little Mermaid). Jimbo is considered a rad dude.
road mom
denim lover
This is Karoline with a "K."  She takes care of us.  She takes picutres of us.  She smooths out particularly knotted muscles in the lower back.  She has more armpit hair than any of us.
Toddles, the Denim Lover.  He's also our soundguy and resident know-all (not know-it-all).  He's also a total nerd.
probably the cutest boy i know
This is dug and that's dug's alarm clock.  He can sing Misfits songs and do a Ho-Ho on his skateboard.  He will also do strange things for money.
probably the cutest boy i know
probably the cutest boy i know
Craigums does not have sideburns.
Myron, as seen in Thrasher.
probably the cutest boy i know
probably the cutest boy i know
Danny during his blond Baywatch phase.
Devon looking for his keys.


ALL YOU CAN EAT at 924 Gilman St, March 29, 2002.
FIrst show in six years. Older, wiser, fatter, slower, more mature.

Same as it ever was...same as it ever was...
Some say "Cool, Devon pulled out his old AYCE digs!" but the sad truth is that he's been wearing them all this time.


Myron and Danny, gaining a steady two pounds a year since 1996.


Myron built a 20 lbs platform for Devon to use a playground but it was not surprising to see Myron hogging it.
Just to remind you, Myron is the drumer(sic) - the guy who should be behind the drums.
That bass only cost me $270 on eBay.


The Fatherland would be proud.

Are Myron's pubes showing?

Professor Devon, schooling the kidz on the ill-effects of old age.

That platform was tons of fun until Devon somehow managed to drop it on my foot.

The crotch heard 'round the world.


Myron's full attention is neccesary in order to provide me with the solid beat I need to execute this rad bass solo,
yet Devon is busy trying to set his watch. Doesn't he know drummers don't know how to tell time?!


The dudes and their ladies.


Devon asks what we're all thinking, "Was that fun/funny to anybody besides us?"


Karoline's 35th Birthday Show #1

January 24, 2005 - 924 Gilman St
w/ Abi Yoyos, Onion Flavored Rings, Gift of Goats, Bent Outta Shape, Eskapo, and us.
Dude, such an awesome line-up....

Abi Yoyos (check em out)

Onion Flavored Rings
(playing in the Gilman store - I couldn't get to the counter to buy some earplugs but it was worth it)


Gift Of Goats (check em out)

(check em out)

and us...

Danny singing for the kids (his kids, most likely)

Ditto for Myron...

Personally I like this kick better when his body is turned upside down.

No, upside down.

Well, sorta...

Nothing is punker than singing Misfits songs at Gilman, unless you play them on a ukelele.

Yeah, that's my real hair. (It's not still attached but it's mine.)

Fig 1 - Devon spots Donnie with his fist in the air

Fig 2 - Devon manhandles Donnie

Fig 3 - Devon puts Donnie back in his place, Donnie obviously left in tatters.

Flabby Contortionist Express. Next stop - Danny's face.

These kids were only 4 or 5 when we got back from our last tour. That's something!

My P.I.L. haircut which Devon has just decided to eradicate.

Imagine what Myron's kids will dress like...

If you're going to react like that towards Devon (like the lady in the front row) maybe the front row is not
the best place for you because I guarantee it's only gonna get worse.

That can't be the right note...

Devon, you're not helping...

Interpreting the phrase "act your age" in an evolutionary sense.

And now we leave you with a moment of Zen.


AYCE at Karoline's birthday party, Part II, at The Hemlock
January 24th, 2005


Karoline's ex-union work buddy, Clyde.
He's in his 70's and told us that if anything happens to him
we have to push the little button under his left testicle.
Thankfully nothing happened to him.

We decided to 'dress up' for Karoline's birthday party. This is what Devon considered 'dressed up.'
The outfit was abandoned when it was realized Devon couldn't make it 10 seconds
without blowing out the seat of the pants.

Danny's idea of dressing up was wearing a flannel
("but it has buttons!") and tuxedo pants.

Danny's boo, yo.

The gang - Dec '95

The gang - Jan '05


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