Devon, the Flabby Contortionist.
Devon Morf is the frontman and mastermind behind the wacky hijinx that is All You Can Eat. He studies Capoeira, a Brasilian combination of fighting and dancing. Devon is the kind of guy who, instead of washing his socks on tour, just buys new ones as he goes because he knows nothing will get that smell out. He also has a messy room, a jumbled brain, and a very dirty mind. In fact, the only aspect of him that would be considered "clean" is his aversion to chemicals and animal products. He has an affinity for Asian transvestites and don't let him tell you otherwise.
What else does he do? THIS. And THIS. And THIS.


lady with a really bad tupee
, friend to old ladies everywhere.

Danny plays guitar for All You Can Eat and does it with intense fury that is commonly mistaken for a short temper. He currently lives in Santa Cruz with his wife and two daughters. He enjoys sushi, dark metal, and necking with his wife.
What else does he do? THIS.


old man go high!
, the oldest, yet least mature member of this ensemble.

Myron plays drums, and he plays them well. Some people think he's old and grumpy. Some people are often correct. But he can out-jump any drummer on this earth. Though he may deny it, Myron has an incredible pheromone count, rendering many females, and the occasional male, unable to resist him. But settle down, Myron is married and has two - count 'em TWO! - sweet little ones. At he and Angie's wedding their cake statues were not husband and wife, but solid brass, hand-carved (by them) Ultraman and Mothra figurines! And their wedding bands are Godzilla scales. So fear not, Myron may be pushing 40 but he's still pulling 15 right behind him.
What else does he do? THIS



Grease is the word. Word.
Craigums confirms that Grease is, in fact, the word.

"Craigums wears bass for internationally ignored All You Can Eat." -it said somewhere. That pretty much covers it.
What else does he do? THIS. And THIS. And THIS. And THIS. And THIS. And THIS. And THIS.


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